Born in an idyllic village outside of Frankfurt, she spent many of her early summers over in Canada. After studying business in her native Germany, she gained an internship in innovation where she got her first taste of what she wanted to do. Jumping forward a few years, Annika moved to London where she studied a master on Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins, before joining Adaptive Lab in December 2015, (via a few other roles across the city).

Ever the active type, Annika fully embraces the mantra that ‘Life is not only about work’. As well as dancing and embracing all that the great outdoors has to offer, Annika is handy with crafts, and has enough tools to make a stingray leather laptop case.

What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?

When I was 4, I wanted to run a holiday home where people could bring their baby cats. There was just one important rule: no cats over the age of 8 weeks would be admitted (as we all know, cat cuteness reaches its peak at that point). I soon realised that was way too ambitious so I decided I wanted to be an inventor.


What’s the most obscure/random job you’ve had?

I did advertising for a sausage company. I catered at an event for aspiring Catholic Priests. It turned out to be amazing: Best tips ever!

What do you admire in others?

Patience. Being able to stay calm and think: “I can definitely wait”.

What do you wish everyone agreed with you on?

Everyone should just get over it, stop worrying and just start dancing!


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Being able to make stuff, to invent, to be creative! And it’s great that people pay us to do that! And also, I love the people I’m working with: curious, interesting, nice, lovely people.

What makes you angry?

People who don’t care about learning and stay ignorant. And definitely bad milk: I like it fresh!

Do you have any pets?

I have a goldfish called Goldfish. I used to have another one but he decided life wasn’t worth living and jumped out of his fish tank. R.I.P. Goldfish II


Describe your ideal day?

Jumping into the sea or a lake straight out of bed. Having breakfast with an amazing view. Finishing a crafting project. Going hiking or horseback riding. Meal with family and friends. Everyone dancing to nice jazz music.


What was the last thing you listened to?

When commuting I listen to a mixed playlist which has classical music, hip-hop & Rage Against The Machine. It’s cool because I can switch up the tune to adjust to my walking pace.

Where’s Wally? I think you mean Walter. And I saw him once popping out behind a man’s nipple.