What’s your name and where d’you come from?

My name is Daniel and I’m originally from Reading, but I’ve lived a large part of my life in Bristol, Brighton and London. I’ve spent two and a half years living and working in New York and Hong Kong.

Why did you join Adaptive Lab?

Because they are in a very exciting space. Organisations know they have to change because users’ behaviour is changing at an ever increasing rate, driven by advancements in technology and they are facing an ever evolving new set of competitors. But they don’t know how to change, aren’t structured in a way that allows them to move quickly or a combination of both. Adaptive Lab is different to a lot of other agencies out there, combining best-in-class user research, service design and product development, but most importantly delivering high quality tangible outputs for clients incredibly quickly. A big part of it is inspiring clients to work in a different way. Also, I’ve known James for a long time and find him and the rest of the Adaptive Lab team smart and passionate about what they do. It’s nice to come to work and be surrounded by people that you can learn from and who love what they do. Plus we get the most amazing lunches, varying from BBQ jackfruit burgers to bacon and egg sandwiches every Friday and brew our own beer.

Describe your ideal day.

Depends. Waking up with brunch as it’s my favourite meal: I like breakfast and I like lunch and then I can get a combination of both. Then the pub with my friends, ending with a nice dinner or some live music. Or laying by a pool with waiter service…it’s all about the simple things in life.

What is a common misconception about you?

That I eat meat.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Always learning. If you stop learning you should move on. I thoroughly enjoy the variation of clients (start-ups to multinationals) and the range of business problems we are asked to work on as well as working with people that are passionate about they do.

Inspiring. It’s a very innovative and entrepreneurial environment. Everyone works hard because they are passionate about what they do.

Where’s Wally?