What makes you angry?

Laziness, waffling and indecisiveness.

What is a common misperception about you?

Regularly travelling solo, having moved overseas, and having a feisty spirit, people often assume that I’m pretty fearless and tough, but in fact, I’m incredibly sensitive and will cry uncontrollably at very inappropriate moments (this would be a good time to apologise to all of my previous managers).

What do you do on your days off?

Weekday routine runs into the weekend and inevitably I will get up early (I’m a 6.30am freak), drink coffee and then go running around Victoria Park where I live. The rest of the day is then typically spent with friends or my sister. I can’t go wrong with lunch and a good walk. The canal routes are my favourite; from Broadway Market down to Limehouse, or around Little Venice to Kings Cross, there’s something about life on the water that looks pretty dreamy.


What was the last thing you listened to?

70’s disco in the office. We have a Sonos sound system at Adaptive Lab and I very much enjoyed the Friday morning Saturday Night Fever vibes. “Toot toot hey beep beep”.

Why did you want to work at Adaptive Lab

Pre-Adaptive I spent over 4 years in a large corporate organisation. This provided me with a brilliant apprenticeship to begin my career and I was fortunate to carve out a niche role driving women’s recruiting, a huge passion of mine. The decision to leave was spurred by a want to work within a smaller environment, to feel more connected to the core business, and a new industry, in order to build out an area of specialism.

Adaptive Lab caught my eye for numerous reasons – they deliver impressive output to very credible clients, themselves leaders in their field, and I always want to be surrounded by good work and intelligent people; I wanted to move into technology/digital to first hand witness the pace and speed of innovation which is changing the way we all live our lives, and my own personal general interest in the space; and their user centred design principles, driving their client work plus their own internal leadership and practices, is exciting and relevant.

What do you want to learn more about?

How to marinate aubergine.

What do you admire in others?

Intelligence and opinions, and the two don’t have to go hand in hand. I’d prefer someone to have a wrong opinion than to have none at all (as long as it’s not completely idiotic).

What makes you laugh?

Broad City. Two jewesses doing their thang, mostly involving getting closer to Lil Wayne. Just watch it, so funny.